Casino Dragon-Tiger

What is Dragon Tiger?

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a game that is very popular in the online casino industry. Because each round of the prize draw is very fast, only less than 25 seconds per round. Now you know the outcome of your bet and sweep the prize back into your pocket. The Dragon Tiger card game also comes with a betting table that looks easy to understand, similar to baccarat. Plus, playing through a live system that makes you feel like you’re sitting at a real casino. In this article, let’s get to know the popular online card game like Dragon Tiger and how it came to be. how to play Including playing rules that will help you know the game better.

Dragon Tiger card game. Simple, one card is over.

Dragon Tiger game is a card game that has been modified from playing baccarat. By baccarat, there are ways to play that are fun and give good returns. But it takes quite a long time in each eye. Thus making the card game Tiger Dragon It was created to shorten the playing time. and use cards to win only 1 card per side for the Dragon Tiger game in each table A total of 6-8 decks of cards are used to play. The dealer or the dealer will deal the Tigers and only 1 card per side and wait for the countdown timer before the cards are revealed. to see which side will have more face cards As a player, you can choose whether to place bets on Tiger or Dragon, or even, on the table where the box is marked, where A has the lowest value and 10, J, Q, K have value. the highest in the game

Counting the points of the Dragon Tiger cards

for Dragon Tiger It is a card battle of the Tigers and Dragons with just one card. Each card has a number counting method similar to playing baccarat. It has a face value from 1-13

• Numbers cards 2-10 use their face value

• A card = 1 (lowest value)

• J card = 11

• Q card = 12

• Card K points = 13 (highest value)