Techniques for live casino

Techniques for playing live casino

If you use a basic strategy, the advantage of playing online casinos. To play live casino games at Blackjack You only have a 0.6% advantage and you can average 300-500 hands per hour. which is faster than usual If the online casino has released a 200 USD bonus, the condition is to wager 2000 USD which is based on 1 yuan per bet and 300 hands per hour. The bonus release takes approximately 6 hours, while the more advantageous rate live casino bonuses are received. Pay attention to the following three points:

1). Don’t win too much.

Also, don’t try an online casino site with a bad reputation. Many gambling sites are open daily.
The first example is A long time ago, gambling site Tradewinds was opened, licensed by gaming software company Atlantic International Entertainment. In using smart player gambling games Notice the online casino site’s blackjack game surrender (surrender) and the double down terms are too loose. And not every hand is switched for the opportunity to benefit. So $20,000 saved and $70 earned, 000 is easy. The owner of the site does not have any casino experience, he is completely blind. and suspected of being a hacker, he closed the player’s account. which the players are not satisfied with the software Claiming that because the rules of the game of blackjack are too loose. allowing him to receive the money and the money he wins in a fair and reasonable manner. The software found that the player’s order was true and asked Tradewinds to pay the customer, but it was denied. off-site software and bankruptcy websites Poor players lose money, so don’t win too much by any means.

2). When the player’s bet amount has just reached the limit It is better to release the bonus than not withdraw money immediately,

therefore, you should play for a while so that it will not be labeled as a “bonus lie” by the site. Reputable will not give players money. But they may allow the player to submit their ID card to annoy the player or delay it for a few days.

3). Choice of bet amount.

Is: The amount of each bet is small. Of course, playing blackjack on the Internet, if the number of bets is large, of course, the speed of receiving dividends will be faster. But the vicissitudes of winning and losing are large, which sometimes leads to the destruction of entire armies. For example: Player deposits $1000 to Casino A and Casino B, they both give 20% bonus i.e. $200 bonus. The requirement is player wants to wager 10 times the bonus amount i.e. $2,000. Player bet US. $50 per Casino A and requires 40 plays to meet bonus requirements Player wages $1 per at Casino B and must play 2000 times to meet bonus claim requirements. Please see the table below:

Online Casino Betting Frequency And the amount fluctuates 67% ,95%, 99%

Casino A ($50 x 40 hits) + – $158 + – $315 + – $473

Casino B ($1 X 2000 hits) + – $23 + – $ 45 + – $ 72

In Casino B, the chance for the player to fluctuate between winning $23 and losing $23 is 67%, and the chance for the player to fluctuate between winning $72 and losing $72 is 99%. In the bet, the player loses 72 yuan, plus the casino has an advantage of 0.6%, the player loses another 2000 USD X 0.6% = 12 USD, the player loses a total of 84 USD, but the player receives a 200 USD bonus. As a result, players still win $116 out of 300 hands per hour, it takes about 6 hours to play 2000 hands, meaning that if you do an extra bonus you will win $20 per hour on average.

At Casino A, the chance for a player to fluctuate between a $158 win and a $158 loss is 67%, and the chance for a player to fluctuate between a $473 win and a $473 loss is 99%. bad luck for profit Bonus requirement Player may lose 473 RMB plus casino has 0.6% advantage Player lose 2000$ X 0.6% = 12USD Player lose 485 US$ even if player get Casino Bonus. 200 USD, the player still loses 285 USD, the profit is greater than the profit. Therefore, to make an extra bonus, you have to be careful in playing and the amount of each bet has to be small.

Bonuses and promotions are designed to win gamblers, so they are different for new and existing customers.

One is the new customer bonus which is divided into two types:

(1) Free Chips or Free Credits : As long as you register at the casino, the casino will give you free chips generally under 30 USD

(2) the first time you buy a bonus chip : this is the type that Most often, the casino decides how much bonus you will get based on the number of chips you purchase for the first time. For example, the casino in this site’s recommended list offers a 100% new customer bonus. If you buy $100 chips for the first time, you will get additional $100 chips.

In addition to bonuses for new customers Some online casinos also offer rebate bonuses to their old customers. which is generally 10%-30% of your purchase. Free credit bonuses in online casinos are not for nothing. When you receive a casino bonus, you generally have to wager a certain amount. (Wetting requirements) before they can be redeemed. Usually the bet amount is the sum of the money you save with the bonus. For example, if you register as a new customer at the casino and then you deposit $100, you will instantly receive a $100 bonus in your account. Then you have a total of $200. The wagering requirement of this casino is 10x bonus, if you get $100 bonus your bet must be over $1000.