Casino Dragon-Tiger

Simple but profitable dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger Online It is an online casino game suitable for players. that need speed to make profit The game works fast and finishes quickly in a matter of seconds. And the result is opened using only one card. Any online casino player quite like speed It would be nice to play Dragon Tiger. than playing other games that may be slower However, still have to learn. that placing bets on tiger and dragon How he bets to win real profit

Placing bets on the Dragon Tiger online game There must be a good way to place bets as follows:

1. Choose to bet on Tiger, Dragon or Tie.
If you are a new dragon tiger player Must know that in placing bets Three bets can be placed: Tiger, Dragon and Tie, or bet on blue. or red Each channel has a different payout rate. So have to learn how much Tiger bets pay. How do dragons pay? Is there a commission deduction? and if you always place and win Will I get a full refund? those things to know before betting online game Dragon Tiger

2. The only sure bet.
Dragon Tiger Betting Although it seems that the game is easy to play. It doesn’t have to be a very complicated method. But still need a technique to look at the cards to help a lot. by looking at the original statistics that many eyes in the past What has the Dragon Tiger released? in order to get the card layout information and can place bets in the next turn It is a bet with a direction. in the exact laying is more accurate the chance of winning will be surer. The principle is that which eye can’t see the card, skip it first.

3. The game moves quickly.
Dragon Tiger game moves quickly. Players should therefore have a good education in the game. before placing bets because while walking the game is online no one will wait for anyone If the bet is not placed within the specified time means not money in that eye and if you are slow, your chances of making a profit in that eye would not have and not on time but with a simple way to play makes it possible to look at the game faster and bet a timely already

4. see cards Dragon Tiger.
The layout is very important. Because it is the direction of the Dragon Tiger game in the past. and will affect the fruiting in the next eye which the cards have both dragons on either side, many eyes were long. or a table tennis card There are alternate departures on both sides. like a ping pong counterattack in which the method of viewing the cards must be studied Be sure before placing your bets.
Online Dragon Tiger Betting No matter how easy the game is but players still need techniques and methods to play. Do your best before betting. to increase your chances of winning and earn more according to the goals set