Baccarat Casino

Rules and odds

The most popular baccarat in the world and played for a long time is inevitable Punto Banco because it is the game chosen by avid gamblers. and in some world-class casino resorts It uses Punto Banco’s way of offering attractive promotions and options to attract wealthy players. although in the past Baccarat has complex rules and requires very high bets. But today, baccarat has changed flexibly. more accessible But still, you have to know how to manage your bets well.

Baccarat is popular because of its low house edge and easy playing rules. Players can place up to three bets in a single game.

If you want to play baccarat at the casino They have three different types of baccarat tables that you can join to place bets on. 1.) The large tables are for VIP gamblers with high stakes. And this table will be located in a special area or VIP area because the standard baccarat table has to be big enough to accommodate 14 players and everyone can choose to place bets on both the banker, the game controller and the players. Play

The gameplay is the same as Craps in case the player is hesitant about how to bet. Can pass the stick to other players to place bets first. until the banker wins

The game warden will draw two cards face down from the card machine. and pass that card to the player who bets the most The player who bets the most bet looks at the cards and passes them on to the other players. where other players can request to change their hand Then one of the game wardens announces the sum of all card scores.

By stipulating that the game warden has the right to ask for a third card. When the total score of the cards is announced, the game warden pays the bet on whoever wins.

Of course, the game of Baccarat is not the same as the Pai Gow game. because in the game of baccarat The game operator is not responsible for the loss of other players’ bets.

Mini baccarat has the same rules as the big baccarat tables. But there is a slight difference. Mini Baccarat will have the dealer responsible for flipping the cards to speed up the game’s execution. However, Mini Baccarat is suitable for casual players as it has quite a few restrictions on playing. Even with the same odds as a large baccarat table

The third variation is Midi Baccarat, which is a game suitable for professional gamblers. Because of the large size of the table and usually only found in VIP rooms.

Baccarat Rules
Baccarat generally has 8 card scores, where the number 10 is 0, and the numbers 2-9 are scored based on the number of Aces, K, Q, or J. It is equal to 1 and the game warden will show 1 card at the start of the game to determine the number of cards.

Players must place bets on “Player”, “Banker” or “Points” depending on the table you are participating in.

When all bets have been placed The game warden will deal two cards to the player and the banker. Whoever is higher on the right hand wins. For example, if you hold cards 7 and 8, the total is 15, your total score is 5, where Baccarat’s score is 0-. 9, because excess points beyond this will not be counted. When both the banker’s and the player’s cards have the same score, the bet is considered a tie.

In some cases, the game supervisor or the player may receive an additional third card. provided that the following rules must be adhered to.

The first rule actually states in detail that A third card can be requested. If the player or the banker has a total of 8 or 9 points, in case the player has a total of 5 or less than 5 points, the player should request a third card. But if the total is more than 5 points, it is not recommended to ask for a third card.

The banker or the player who wins the bet is paid 1:1, but if you bet on the bank side, you pay 5% commission every time you bet. In the event that the odds change slightly from 0.95 to 1, you will be followed up with a commission from the game supervisor with a small laminated mark and the commission will be collected under the card machine.

For betting on total scores The payouts will vary depending on the respective casino. However, the payout will be either 8:1 or 9:1 if the outcome of the bet is a tie. Players and bankers are paid back for their bets. But if there are players who bet on either side The player and the banker are dealt a third card according to the established rules.


Odds refer to the chances of winning or losing a player’s bet. Baccarat itself is considered the lowest house edge casino game, although in the past baccarat was a very complicated game. But these days, the rules have been modified to make it easier. Players simply place their bets on one of the three preset options.

The rules of the game are set up to create a small house edge in bets between the player and the banker and the house edge rate can be increased at any time. However, the house edge jumps up to 14.4% and the payout increases with the player and banker bets. In which the player win rate in the game of Baccarat is 44.62%, the

probability of the player losing money is 45.85%, and the probability of a change or reversal of the score is 9.53%.

If you don’t calculate the likelihood of a change, then Think of a banker with a winning rate of 51% all the time, although the lowest house edge rates make Baccarat a game that gamblers and the general public enjoy a lot. But you should not neglect the importance of the 5% commission you pay at the table.

If you want to win and take home a lot of money, you should bet on the banker or the player more than the final total.

Based on various probabilities calculations, the player has a 49.32% chance of winning, while the banker has a 50.68% chance of winning. Put simply, assuming you bet 100 credits, you’d expect your chances of losing money. It’s 50.68 and your chances of winning are 49.32. If you choose to bet on 49.32, your house edge is 1.36.

The banker’s odds may be calculated as follows: Let’s say you’re betting 100 credits without neglecting the fact that you owe 5% commission on every win, so you get 0.95 credit every time you bet. because as mentioned The banker has a 50.68% chance of winning on all bets. Bringing 50.68 x 0.95 you get 48.15, while the player expects to

lose is 49.32% on all bets. So if you subtract 48.15 from 49.32 you The difference is 1.17 which is the house edge rate in the banker bet.

If the total scores are the same then the house edge is 9.55%, which means the actual odds are 9.47:1. When you divide 100 by 9.55, you get 10.47. However, you need to keep in mind that you still have a chance to win your stake. return So the real odds are 9.47 to 1.

Even with the House Edge at 14.4%, some players are still willing to bet on their score totals. As the payouts are much higher, however, players and bankers will be able to place better bets. If you are not worried about the 5% commission you have to lose.