Casino Roulette

Roulette in a live casino

Teach you how to play online roulette in a live casino.

Learn how to play roulette in live online casinos here. Online casinos offer live casino roulette to players on the internet. Roulette is a very popular table game here. The roulette originated in France. And there are many popular people playing today. Roulette is a game that randomly guesses the numbers on the wheel. There are 37 numbers in total, from 0 to 36. All numbers appear on the reels as numbered slots that are divided into each of the same size slots. Each slot is alternating with 18 colors, black and red, and has a single green 0 number on the reels.

Dealer Practices in Live Casino Games

To play roulette at online casinos When a player enters the main lobby or game hall You will need to select the game room one more time with the dealer you want to play with. which when entering You have to place a minimum bet based on the chip that the room has set as low. The dealer will give the player a signal that they can place a bet. Then there will be a countdown timer showing how much time you have left to place your bets. which the roulette wheel will spin around the clock When the closing time for placing bets The dealer will inform the player that no further bets are allowed. Then the ball will be rotated counterclockwise onto the wheel. The ball then continues to spin until it stops, when it stops on any of the slots on the reels. That is the result of that turn. If you guess correctly, you will win money. If you can’t guess correctly, you lose money.

Roulette rules

• lucky numbers, betting on lucky numbers Or bet on a single number, there will be 37 numbers to choose from, namely from the number 0 to the number 36, which if bet correctly will have the highest payout

• High-low bets will be bets that divide the numbers into two ranges, which is the number 1 To number 18 is low and numbers 19 to 36 is high, if the result of that turn is 0, the dealer wins

• Black-Red bets. Black or red bets will have different colors appearing on all 36 numbers if the result of that turn. Out 0, the dealer wins

• Even – Odd bets Even or odd bets It will bet on an even or odd number on the wheel. If the outcome of that turn is 0 then the dealer wins.

• Bet on 12 numbers or zones. There are three zones in roulette bets: the 1st zone is numbered 1 to 12, the 2nd zone is numbered 13 to 24 and the 3rd zone. 12 will have numbers 25 to 36

• Row bets The row bets are available in 3 horizontally long rows.

• Number crossing Is a bet on six numbers according to the group of numbers that you want

• bet on a group of 4 numbers

• bet on a row of 3 numbers

• bet on a pair of numbers will bet on 2 adjacent numbers,

usually online roulette will have two bets type is an internal stab and external stab which the bet rate is not the same Playing roulette in online casinos has a payout rate that depends on the difficulty of the outcome. which is less likely to guess correctly You will only get very high odds.