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[6 Tips] Online Business How to grow sustainably

word “online business” is often tied to the word “technology”, which is inevitable that follows. change and speed That makes a lot of people feel that the techniques, methods, and tools are coming fast, going very fast. What has worked this year? Next year it might not work. Sustainable online business So it sounds like a difficult thing to do But even if it’s hard I think it’s possible.

This article will share ideas. and how to do a sustainable online business which I think in the next 5-10 years, different ideas and methods What I am about to write about here is a way to keep your online business “keeping up” no matter how new technology comes in or how much Social Media / Search Engine algorithms are changing P.S. These concepts and methods are based on experience. and my knowledge I use these to predict the future. But I can’t foresee the future. So if you’ve finished reading I don’t want you to believe right away. But I want you to keep thinking and researching for more information.

6 tips for sustainable online business

  1. Make a website to be effective.

With the growth of Social Media or Chat applications, many people gradually pay less and less attention to websites But I don’t think so at all. On the other hand, a website is becoming more and more important. But if any brand wants to grow sustainably, a website is a must-have item. That’s because a website is one of the few online assets of a brand

The word asset here is that the brand actually owns it. Not renting to other people, such as being on Social Media or Chat apps, results in branding, customizing the website to suit the needs of customers. and storage (This point I think is very important. because in the future it will be an era of the utilization of information) can be done as you wish In the next several years, I believe that the Website will not die and if any brand can take advantage of the Website well, it will become an advantage in The online world

  1. Build brand value over buying ads.

Paying for ads has the advantage of being able to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. More online advertising (such as on Facebook or Google) will make the money that goes down to be more targeted

But the downside is that you won’t be able to easily stop advertising money. Because whenever you stop paying, the traffic coming to your channel will also disappear. In addition, the competition in online advertising will be more difficult. and more and more expensive Because people will turn to buy online advertising more and more. (because it’s easy and effective) and the platforms that act as media will get stronger and stronger. when he became stronger you will become weaker because they will have more and more bargaining power

If your online sales depend on the advertising budget

In the online world, how brands What you need to do in order to keep your business sustainable is to let potential customers see how good you are. It’s not just saying how good you are. The way this is done is by creating “Creating value.” This value can be created in many ways. The way I especially support is content creation. Whether it’s articles, photos, or videos, to help your potential customers benefit. or learned something

If you can consistently create value then People will see you as an expert. and when they need the product or whatever service you have You will be thought of first.

Advertising is still a must. But the center of your online marketing should focus on creating “value” more consistently.

  1. Use the Email List to your advantage.

There is a proverb that foreigners like to use is “The money is in the list”, or simply translated into Thai as “the money is in the email list you have.” Actually, it makes sense. This is why I think it’s very important. There are 3 things.

  1. Own the contact channel.

The fact that you have an email address of people who are interested in your products/services. This will make you the owner of the channel to contact that person. without having to go through an intermediary like Facebook, Instagram, Google, or LINE, so no matter how much the algorithms of these platforms change You can still contact people who are interested in your products/services directly.

  1. You can send messages to talk 1-to-1.

Email marketing is the only way you can send messages. (Personalized Message) to reach your customers on a large scale. Can be automated with a system called Email Marketing Automation (if you want to read more about Marketing Automation, I recommend you to download this eBook to read)

P.S. In the future, there may be another one that can be done in the same way as email. But it can interact better with your customers: Chatbots. Chatbots may not be smart enough these days. But in the future, it is very interesting.

  1. It is a channel that Thai people overlook (hard to keep, difficult to set up)

Businesses in Thailand focus on Social Media a lot because Thai people are people who like to play Social Media. As for email marketing, It’s a channel that many businesses ignore, possibly because it’s difficult to keep emails. Moreover, email marketing is not easy to do.

I think email marketing in Thailand still has a lot of channels to play. Especially business to business, the reason is that people do business