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Introducing games that are easy to break outside the trend

Introducing games that are easy to break outside the trend that many people do not know

Many of you may know the popular trending games such as sweet bonanza , Roma , RomaX but today I would like to bring everyone to know about easy games, quick bonuses. And it’s also a game outside the trend. Anyone who likes games outside the trend, I recommend the following 2 games:

  1. crazy monkey

crazy monkey slot game from NextSpin is a 3-reel and 1-line slot game with 1 payline in the middle of the game layout. Spin the wheel to make any numeric symbol. Other symbols Must be the same image on all 3 reels, landing on the line in the middle of the screen that is drawn, just like this, has already won. It seems difficult to spin the wheel at times, but about 20 spins or more can guarantee that you will be rewarded continuously for sure. Therefore, in the betting section, you can invest from less than 1 baht and so on. Which the popular bet level is the amount of Bet Level 3, the bet value is 4.50 baht. The great formula of this game is that there is a very frequent free spin feature, giving players the opportunity to make a profit from this game quite high.

  1. lucky gems

NextSpin’s Lucky Gems Slot is a 3-reel and 3-row slot game with 5 paylines and a Wild symbol in the shape of a pink gem star. Able to wager up to 15,000 baht with x3000 payout multiplier and minimum bet 5 baht with x1 payout multiplier, is one of the newest and hottest slots game camps. And the bonuses are frequent with wild symbols occurring every spin of the reels. The disadvantage of this game is that the slots are broken often, so there is no free spin.