Getting a visa, why do you have to hire an agency ?

Hello guys Brother O is back Today, P O will bring the story that people often ask about visa applications to explain to you in one roll. Which these questions are asked very often is why the service fee for the visa is so expensive and then make the visa yourself. Can’t hire an agency? Which Brother O has to say right here. that actually can do a วีซ่าเกษียณอายุ on their own without having to hire an agency By matters of documents on the website of visas of different countries There will be information indicating that each type of visa. each country Wh documents do you need? And how must there be steps, but ! not only that So let’s see if the agency is necessary or not?

Let’s start with the first point, why hire an agency?
For those who do not have a lot of free time Or not good at English at all The advantage of hiring an agency is that the agency will help you in preparing the process of what documents you need to find. How to prepare When are you going to travel today, when do you need to start making documents? Then the agency will take the information of the children who have filled out the visa application. The application form must be accompanied by English language skills. Otherwise, wrong information may be entered. including screening our profile first to see if there is a chance that the visa will pass Brother O will tell you straight away. So you won’t lose money for a free visa. Some people have to go to find documents to help support, which each person’s profile will be different. Prepared documents may have additional documents that are different from others.

Second, why is the visa service fee so expensive?
The visa is not done for just 1 day, before we talk to each other, before screening your profile. then to prepare documents It took some time after the visa was applied. The agency still has to take care of it. to help if you are facing any problems until the return trip The service fee for each visa is not the same. It’s up to you to decide which agency you want to use.

Third, can I get a visa myself and not hire an agency?
Yes, because the embassy does not require you to apply for a visa through an agency only. Students can study visa information. You can get it via the Visa website from Pantip or from asking other people who have done it yourself before. But there are many visa cases as well. At first, I consulted O. then try to do it yourself last did not pass I have to come back and let O’s fix the case. which is a case to solve, it will be more difficult And the service fee will increase as well.

In conclusion, it depends on the comfort of the children. that I want to do it myself or want to hire an agency If you have any questions, you can ask Phi O to come in. P-O provides visa advice based on P-O’s work experience of more than 10 years. It’s not easy to know this much. Each country’s embassy has changed some rules. Anyway, if there is any updated information, Phi O will tell you. not easy to know this much. Each country’s embassy has changed some rules. Anyway, if there is any update information, Phi O will tell you.