Dani cebalos miss La liga closed the door

Spanish midfield Dani cebalos ‘s Real Madrid have closed their third season with Arsenal’s F.C. as the goal is to return to La Liga Dani cebalos has moved from Real Madrid to Arsenal and is on loan until 2019-20. Then update one season before the lease contract ends after last season and now is 24 years. Back to the king in white

Mikel Arteta is my jacket and I’m sure I’ll be the best coach in the world in the next four years. But I want to go back to the Spanish League and talk to ellargero on Spanish radio For Dani cebalos to play Arsenal F.C. in the past two seasons to 777 games. Two goals, one in the first season of the FA Cup. Two seasons in the eighth League In this regard, Dani cebalos will return to Real Madrid and has just changed coach Carlo alcchetti, former Manchester United coach Everton. Working in the Premier League in the past season