Online Business

5 techniques for doing business online

Thailand’s online retail market continues to expand due to many factors. In particular, consumers’ confidence in online purchases has increased. because of the development of the ordering system Continuous payment and delivery Today, consumers are more willing to shop online. coupled with widespread access to the Internet Make it easy for people to use the Internet via mobile phones. Therefore, it has become another important fundamental factor in driving marketing activities and online shopping for goods and services into the era of M-Commerce well

Research Center expects that in 2018 the B2C-Online-Shopping market (Product only) will have a market value of approximately 256,000 million baht and will increase to more than 470,000 million baht in 2022, with an average growth rate of about 16.2% per year. In the future, online channels will play an additional role in the business. retail And is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who should turn to expand more online channels. Because such channels do not have clear market leaders. The investment is not high compared to opening a storefront. Today, I would like to introduce 5 techniques for doing business online to be great. For entrepreneurs who want to seriously penetrate the online market

  1. Collect customer information well. The advantage of doing business online is that it can collect detailed customer information. Know what each person’s shopping behavior is like. It will help to plan marketing and produce products that meet the target group easier
  2. Separate customer segments clearly. Must separate customers into the right groups. by having to know that our products are suitable for which group of customers Because there is no product in the world that is suitable for every group of customers. It will help the product sell at the right place. more timely Increase opportunities to reach and expand the market more.
  3. Communicate must satisfythe content or content that will be communicated to customers in online channels. must be interesting And there are beautiful illustrations that will help attract both new and old customers to come and buy our products.
  4. Shoot ads in the right group.doing business online The key to getting people to the right group to see your product or service is to buy ads through social media. Therefore, choosing the target audience to advertise to the. It will help to promote more sales.
  5. Must have continuity online businessCan’t start and can’t stop Because it will make customers not focus on your business, so must communicate to customers regularly. to maintain old customers and increase new customer base with the ever-increasingly competitive online market conditions Operators must try to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of each customer. To make customers feel special about the product or brand or feel different from other competitors