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5 Best Online Businesses in 2021

During 2020-2021, In addition to the continued growth of online businesses, each business has developed a plan. Continuous online marketing Digital marketing tools such as Marketing Technology (Martech) have been used to develop online marketing plans to outsize competitors and be more up-to-date

Especially during the Covid19 pandemic, many businesses experienced a lot of problems, especially those with offline sales or just storefronts. The digital marketing plan has not been prepared, so many have to be closed Some businesses only have one-way revenue

5 Online Businesses or Careers to Watch


  1. Restaurant & Food Delivery Business

It is well known that during the COVID-19 pandemic, The mall must be temporarily closed. The restaurant only needs to be takeout. The food business is a business that can adapt very well in the new normal era when it adds delivery services through service providers such as Line Man, Food Panda, Grab, Gojek, etc.

The more restaurants are doing online marketing, the more promotions they have. If the business has funds, it may develop an application to receive online orders on its own. You may start accepting orders at our restaurant area first or find a member of the restaurant business in the nearest district. Joining our app is also interesting.


  1. Sell courses online

It’s an online business that’s considered trending because only you have the knowledge. By using your knowledge as a video course or E-book and selling it yourself. Popular subjects include drawing, photography, online business, self-development, stock play, etc.

If you have knowledge of web services like WordPress, there’s an E-learning WordPress Plugin that will make your Online Courses convenient. Don’t rely on popular platforms to pay for money, or if in a business corner, you might invite a lecturer to teach yourself. Ok, the course outline, the content to be taught, you market it yourself, it’s interesting. If you don’t have any knowledge of the site and don’t want to waste time learning, there are some famous platforms available such as Udemy, Futureskill, Skillane.


  1. Make Youtuber Content

Many of you may be wondering when the COVID-19 pandemic will be. How can I make content or how to shoot videos? In the end, investing in content or videos doesn’t make much money, or you need to go out and find a good location to shoot, and you might start content with ordinary content such as educating covid-19, teaching online career building, entertaining, summarizing or reporting situations.

For more revenue, English content may need to be developed to increase channels or more global viewers, which will have more ethnic visitors. If the audience is from a relatively prosperous country, The revenue or click-ad cost will be somewhat more expensive than visitors to Thailand alone.


  1. Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, supplements

These businesses, if they are caught up in online marketing, are very interesting because the world is currently facing COVID-19, The flu, PM 2.5, and the rise of the elderly have led to high demand for purchases, only for anyone to catch the way or catch the current in time.


  1. Organic Goods Business

Nowadays, organic products made from natural ingredients are used in the production of natural ingredients. It’s gaining a lot of popularity. The market has a market value of over a billion, and it seems to be increasingly likely to be food. Drinks, snacks, or even products like soap. Many people agree to pay more for something that is good for the body and environmentally friendly.