Online Business

5 benefits of online business have “articles”

  1. Increase the interest of the business.

 If your store has only product images and prices Your store may be showing signs of impairment. And especially it doesn’t make much difference from other stores. But if you have a good article Allow customers to read the history of the product or the benefits that it has received from the product and what it is. It may add interest to your business. Your store will instantly look like an upgraded store

Because customers will feel your care and benefit when buying that kind of product. Make your products look more expensive. add more interest, In addition, it makes your business more valuable

  1. Old customers come back to use the service again.

 Having a good article helps motivate customers who have used your online business. come back to use the service again Because do not forget that online business requires trust between service providers and users. and if you have a good article It can show how efficient your online store is and how satisfied customers are with your store’s products

Believe that he must return to use the service again. And because of the impression, he might persuade his social friends. Come to use the service of your shop as well. It’s a double profit. And it is an advertisement without you having to pay a single baht

  1. Update your business all the time.

 You don’t want your online business to have any raw information, no new press releases, no new news events. It’s too fast for customers to use your online store. So your online business has to keep growing. It’s good for your store. If you don’t get hurt by competitors At present, there are many competitors ready to compete for your services. OK. Interesting articles about your growing business. It’s all your time and preventing competitors from entering your market

  1. the way of advertising.

If you don’t have enough time to write an article or are afraid that it won’t be good. Nowadays, in addition to having an online store that has a variety of products to choose from, then buy and sell. There is also an article writing business, which makes you more comfortable because you don’t have to write your own description of the products

Importantly, this article writing business is also cheap. Starting from only ten baht to hundreds of baht only Suitable for beginners to start a new business, low advertising cost, without having to pay for advertising on social media, suitable for large businesses and the current price is quite high. Because do not forget that a good article. It’s also a good advertisement

  1. It’s a technique that makes your business rank in Google search.

Nowadays, it must be admitted that the most popular search engine or Search Engine is Google, most of its customers. When you want to find a product you want, it’s often popular to search through Google. Therefore, you need to get your business high rankings, also known as SEO, because it will make it easy for customers who are searching for products and services in your store to be found. As a result, you have a large number of orders